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In and around Gefrees


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Our students are out and about this weekend with their families and friends.  That means they´re not with me.  The weather has turned GREAT and they are swimming, sailing, shopping, traveling and doing every other imaginable activity.  Today we´ll show you a little of the town many of our students live and where we are in school every day for the first two weeks.  Gefrees, with its 5,000 inhabitants, is the largest town in the area and the focal point for most of our activities.

Welcome to Gefrees!

The surrounding "Fichtelgebirge," or fir forest gives Gefrees an ideal location in the mountains.

Gefrees rural location makes it ideal for vacationers wanting peace or recreation.

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Here is the main street, or "Hauptstrasse" where all the businesses, church and town hall are.

Here is the coveted italian ice cream palor to which no one can say "no."

One of the more picturesque streets in Gefrees.

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