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Flight Info


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Flight Itinerary GAPP 2002

  • Depart: Saturday, July 13 @ 7:00 PM on Lufthansa flight 451 from LAX in the Bradley terminal.
  • Arrive: Sunday, July 14 @ 2:35 PM in Frankfurt am Main, Terminal 1.
  • Depart: Sunday, July 14 @ 5:35 PM on Lufthansa flight 54 from Frankfurt am Main, terminal 1.
  • Arrive: Sunday, July 14 @ 6:15 PM in Nuremberg.  Germans pick us up at airport.
  • Depart: Saturday, August 10 @ 11:15 AM on Lufthansa flight 35 from Nuremberg.
  • Arrive: Saturday, August 10 @ 12:05 PM in Frankfurt am Main in terminal 1.
  • Depart: Saturday, August 10 @ 1:35 PM on Lufthansa flight 450 from Frankfurt am Main from Terminal 1.
  • Arrive: Saturday, August 10 @ 4:05 PM in LAX in the Bradley terminal.


Baggage Regulations

  • Checked in baggage is limited to 2 pieces at 70 lbs. (32 kg) per piece per passenger on all flights from the U.S. to Germany. Anything above 70 lbs. per piece may be subject to excess charges and must be booked in advance. (Please contact our U.S. Reservations office for more details.) 
  • Due to U.S. security regulations, the carry-on baggage allowance has been reduced to 1 piece per passenger (max. size 22x16x8 in.) and a personal item such as a purse allowed on board. Our weight restriction for carry-on baggage, which is part of the safety standards we have on file with the FAA, limits the weight to 18 lbs./8 kg. 
  • Please be advised that it is strictly prohibited to take any pointed objects or cutting tools on board, per U.S. authorities. Passengers cannot carry on board aircraft knives of any length, composition or description including carpet knives and box cutter's, any device with a folding or retractable razors, ice picks, metal scissors and metal nail files. 
  • All electronic items, such as laptops and cellular phones, will be subject to additional screening. 

Bicycle Regulations
  • Bicycles count as one piece of luggage on international flights and are transported at no extra charge on Lufthanasa.
  • For transport, please remove the pedals, turn the handlebars sideways and remove air from both tires.
  • You may choose to put the bike in a bike box but it is not necessary.