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Video Greetings


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Click on a link below to get a video greeting from your child or your partner!  Each greeting is up to 2 megabytes so you will need to wait until the whole video loads which could be up to 10 minutes!  You need Windows Media Player to see and hear the videos!  Clicking on the link doesn´t get the video to play for you, right click on the link and then click "save as."  Then save the file to your desktop and play it from there after it is done downloading.  Hope you like the greetings!

A greeting from Cari

A greeting from Missy

A Greeting from Danny

A Greeting from Nick

A Greeting from Ted

A Greeting from Matt

A Greeting from Michaela

A Greeting from Will and Heather

Bryan dances with the German girls! HOT VIDEO!!

A Greeting from Will and Richy

A Greeting from Bryan