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Today was the school´s yearly "Sportfest" in which a few of our students participated.  All the grades in the school compete against each other for bragging rights.  This year did not field the most athletic GAPPies we´ve ever had as most of them watched from the sidelines.  Matt, however, was the stud of the day and really put himself out to participate.  He´s the big winner of the day.  Missy, Ryan and Cari also participated to their credit.

Ryan watches the start of the "ball throw" at the Sportfest Day.

Matt gave it his best effort but couldn´t beat the 5th graders.

Matt, who was voted "Stud of the Day" by me shows how the high jump is done right.

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Matt gets ready to run in the 1,000 meter event.

Christina shows off her best form doing the high jump.

After the Sportfest, everyone rested together, even though most of our students didn´t need to.

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