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First Day of School


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Today our students got their first taste of school life for students in Germany.  We started off with a tour of the school and then observed some classes with our partners.  Just before lunch, the students were treated to a special event where the German students "roast" their teachers at the end of the school year.  Teachers ended up in some embarassing situations and with lots of goo and gook on them.  Two teachers had to reinact a scene in the movie "Titanic" where Kate Winslet pretends she´s flying at the front of the ship.  It was a hoot.  Students had a nice long hour and a half lunch.  We finished up the day with our welcome evening at 6:00 PM where we had dinner and played some fun games together.  In all, a great day!

Herr Beigel took us on a tour of the school and showed us the technology the school has to offer.

The guys´ hectic schedule today has them simply handcuffed.

The students get to sit in on their partner´s classes.

Christina shows Michaela and Amanda how to work with clay in her "Werken," or "art" class.

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Here, Herr Beigel poses with Cari, who has not been eating enough in Germany.

All the ladies seem to gravitate toward Danny...or is it his new Vaio laptop they like?

Michaela and Christina watch as the teachers suffer through the "Roast the Teachers Day."

Some of our students rest on the steps in front of the Jakob-Ellrod school during their lunch break.

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