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Biking in Oberfranken


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Since Gappies are out and about this weekend, You get to see what Herr Bradshaw did on Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, our other chaperones, arrived yesterday.  The weather was AWESOME today so it was time to ride bikes!  Oberfranken is a bicyclist´s dream come true with hundreds of miles of bike trials, forest roads, romantic towns and beautiful countryside.  Herr and Frau Beigel were also along for the ride!

Herr Bradshaw´s twin brother, Duncan, who lives in Scotland, joined him on the ride.

Time for a photo opportunity on top of a bridge over the "White Main" River.

Mr. Thomas fixes his flat. He must still pass Frau Beigel´s and Mrs. Thomas inspection.

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Biking doesn´t get better than this as the weather is good and the towns are magical.

We biked 25 miles over mountains and through towns, fields and forests.

The people sure are friendly in Oberfranken.

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