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Today our students were back in school.  Some of our students are giving the presentations in the German classes they prepared in the U.S. and are doing a great job.  There is also lots of free time to hang at the local ice cream parlor and eat some of the best Italian ice cream known to man-kind.   More impressions of our students´daily life are below.

Our students eat in the school cafeteria with the Germans. Ted, Will, Richy and Tobi like the food.

Ted, Nicki and Nick relax with the rest of the GAPPies and enjoy their ice cream.

The students write their emails to home at school when they have time as Will is doing here.

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The Italian ice cream parlor is the place to hang in Gefrees. Sabi and Cari wait to order theirs.

Ice cream and Germany are a great combo for Missy who´s already decided she´s not leaving Germany.

The "Teestube" is a place on campus where the students can hang, talk and drink coke, tea or coffee.

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